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Our ad tech team is specialized in developing advertising platforms including DSP/SSP, Open RTB and TDS platforms as well as Ad fraud/Scoring systems and many more. With years of experience and deep understanding of a product, we can execute a customized project or build up a strategy for your future projects.

Our creative team is skilled in conducting programmatic display, mobile, social media, paid search, retargeting, branding and direct campaigns at the level appropriate even for the most demanding customer.

What really important is that no matter what new project our expert team has been involved in, we always stay inventive, unrealistic and risk-minded.

We have expert ad ops professionals on board who can traffic or execute ad campaigns for you or your clients. With years of experience, our team has been familiar with merely all ad server platforms in the industry.

We are proficient in planning and executing ad campaigns and can target the right audience to your landing page to build brand awareness to your specific product or generate more sales on your website.

We love to stay ahead of the game and this enables us to achieve amazing results for our clients, whether in digital advertising or in developing a customized platforms.

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info@voqus.net+38 066 573 7232

Lobanovskyi Ave, 6A, 03037, Kyiv, Ukraine


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